Who Am I?

I am not sure who I am,  this website is a attempt to bring to front the person who lives within me, but is so much a stranger to me.

There are few  contradicting people in me for sure… one is an activist, another is a businessman and one is an adventure seeker.

Why the hell an activist?

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality” … Michael Ellner

Either I am the wrong one in this world or the world is wrong.  I am unable to find myself  much wrong…  and so I am trying to put the world into (what I think is) the right order.

Will they walk what they talk>

Activist or Adventure freak ?

And why an explorer then ?

“We either make ourselves happy or miserable. The amount of work is the same”–Carlos Castaneda

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever ” … Gandhiji

Limitations in life are self imposed. Having a joyous or sorrowful life is rarely decided by circumstances… it is mostly decided by the state of the mind. I can not restrain myself from not enjoying the adventure waiting for me, from not expressing out the feelings and words wanting to come out of my heart, from not  being expressive of the love and care I have for people and Animals I care for and also I have no restrain on directing my hatred towards the people who abuse their powers.

I know I have only 1 life to live, as re-birth I have no faith on. If there were a hell and a heaven, I would only get the former as athiests can not hope to get heaven.  And the regular threatenings and ocassional assaults to remind me… life can be much shorter and abrupt than I imagine it is.

So, two contradicting people who live in me are…

A fighter who is …
•    A die hard Animal rights advocate
•    A civic rights and anti-corruption activist
•    A  vocal speaker
•    A sleuth undercover investigator
•    A passionate lawyer
•    A strict Animal welfare officer

Yet, within me lives a person who doesn’t sound to have ever been serious about anything. I also happen to be a …
•    Compassionate and freaky businessman
•    An adventure freak
•    A dedicated lover
•    A sensible husband
•    A super mischievous father
•    An avid traveler

Browse through these pages and also my blog posts to know about the various facets of my life and the stories of my life, as they happen.


Why no photo?
My nature of undercover work requires that no one is able to identify me by my face. I pose as a businessman, customer, agent, middleman, seller, smuggler, officer or whatever depending on the situation.  I therefore refrain from publishing my pictures in any media, including newspapers, TV interviews and my own website and blog.

I wasn’t so careful till the last assault and failed raid.. which I later realized because someone  found my picture on my website.

Animal Laws FAQ link here

15 Responses to Who Am I?

  1. Preeti Jain says:

    Hi Manoj….
    Great site …. very nice idea….

    How have you been … yess it has been very long since we communicated. I am here in Boston for past 1.5 years .. working with InfoBeans Inc.

    How about you ? You should have told me about your Punjab visit, my parents would have been very glad to welcome you.

    How is everyone at your home ?

    I left Hydbd in feb 08 and I am here in US since then, my brother Vinay is stillin Hydbd working with TCS.
    Here is my current contact number : +1 857 294 4749. Drop me yours, it would be great to have a word
    with you on phone.

    Any upcoming plans for US visit ? Do keep in touch ..

    Thanks n Take care

  2. Respected Sir,

    I rescued a dog 4 years back, she is a stray might be of a mixed breed. Actually i’m going back to my native place, and looking for a shelter for her. I don’t know any place where i can give her for adoption. I really need help in this matter. I’ll be very much obliged if you can help me in this matter. I just can’t abandon her. please reply me in this matter.

    My e-mail id is —– malvikamukherjee@gmail.com

  3. Respected Sir,

    Thank you so much on your prompt reply, sorry for not going into details earlier, because i tried so many options earlier and not getting a ray of hope. I tried contacting Animal Farm to Ms.Sucheta, and even tried contacting Shelter Pune to Mrs.Leela, but there is no place available. then i got an emailid of resqct@gmail.com, i sent all the details but got nothing in reply.

    Actually i live in Dhanbad (Jharkhand), which is quite far for her to travel as she has never ever traveled before, i even tried for a flight from pune to kolkata but even then she’ll be in cargo. Frankly speaking i’ll not be able to risk her life. Sir i’ve 8 pets of German Spitz at my home and 9 strays. i really can’t take any chance b’coz from kolkata it’s still another 5 hour journey.

    I really need help, I’ll be very grateful if you can help me in this matter as you are the only hope i can see. I’ll be leaving in the first week of Aug.

    Sir i kindly request you to keep my problem on your priority.

    if you can give me your e-mail id then i can send Tipsy’s photo, if it could be of some help finding her shelter.

    i’ll surely do talk on the numbers provided by you.

    i’m really looking forward for some help.

    I’m really thankful to you sir.

  4. Anirudha says:

    Hi Manoj,

    I have known you for a while ……but not really , isn’t it an irony . Good to have known you a little more. Keep up the good work.

    Its said , a good initiative never goes waste.



  5. Pooja Sable says:

    Respected Sir,
    We want to thank you for being there with us through the traumatic phase when our dog luke was ruthlessly shot dead by our neighbour the army officer. Your prompt advice, assistance and presence has reassured us that there are die hard animal activists here in pune who will go out of their way for the sake of the animal. Thank you for being with us at the post mortem. We really cant thank you enough for being so selfless. All we can pray for now is that all your efforts and the efforts of the police pay off and that justice is done so that this kind of disgusting act is never repeated by anyone. Thank you!!

  6. Manoj Oswal says:

    Dear Pooja,

    I am glad that my presence ensured that the law as in motion. I am happy that they could not hush up the case. I had a fear of the flesh and blood… well this post mortem was an experience that would help me get over the fear… as I invade slaughter houses and work to end the barbarism there.

    Pooja, we can not bring back Luke. However we have told the city that civilian or army… who ever you are … the system works. And there is someone who will ensure that the system works… at least for the voiceless animals.


  7. prianca says:

    hello Mr.Manoj
    I am a total animal lover and regarding the case of “dog killers booked for mass murder”. I am shocked by this ill treatment towards dogs. I myself have done some deeds for animals. I would love to have contact with you regarding these issues in the society hoping to bring a change among the people. I want to let the souls of all those animals and dogs rest in peace who have been treated with such cruelty by our own people around.I want to a raise a voice for their justice.I want to be their voice!!!!
    Kindly please suggest me some ways that i can be successful in my motive to save them and not let this awful thing happen again by people like Chachar and Rembhotkar (responsible for dog mass murder in BALAGINAGAR) who live within everyone in each area.
    or poojat61@yahoo.in

    If you have any contact number or other source to get on touch with Yaman B Chhaya(music producer-cum-sound engineer) and Ayesha Makandkar residents of Balaginagar,Dhankawdi where the mass murder took place….then please kindly give it to me.

  8. Nice informatics article, thanks a lot.

  9. bhagyashree joshi says:

    want to help animals…take care of them…wat can i do

  10. Manoj Oswal says:

    call me on 9890044455

  11. sarika & sandeep says:

    we bought a puppy 15 day back, now our society is objecting to keep it. Please advise.

  12. Manoj Oswal says:

    Dear Sandeep,
    The society has no legal rights to direct you to keep or not keep a puppy. It is your fundamental duty to have compassion for living beings under the constitution.

    Please inform them that as per law they can not prevent you from keeping pets. if they insist, call me on 9890044455. I shall deal with them as per law.

    Manoj Oswal

  13. Mani says:

    Dear Sir,
    I live in Pune at Chandannagar.In this are there is a small cattle farm where they treat the animals very badly the cows are not even allowed to walk.Recently a Calf has taken birth that little beautiful calf is in very bad condition as they dont allow her/him to drink milk from her mother and the calf is tied with a very small rope so he/she even can not sleep or sit.His/her mother is also tied with small chain so she cannot take care of the calf.They even dont provid water for the calf.If this situation continues for little long this calf will surely die of hunger or malnutrition.Sir I request u to do something please save the calf. I will be greatful to you.Actually I dont belong from Pune so I am afraid of telling them anything.The farm is near gawade gotha ,near Hanuman baym sala.Thank You

  14. Mani says:

    Dear Sir,

    I live in Chandan nagar area in Pune.There is a cattle farm in my area.The owner of the firm treat them very badly.The cattle are tied in very small chains they are not even allowed to sit properly.Recently a calf has taken birth and that calf is in lots of pain.The don,t allow the mother to feed her calf.The calf is tied by very small rope to restrict the calf to drink her mothers milk.The calf is in very poor health condition it is not even allowed to sit or sleep due to very small rope.If this situation continues the calf will surely die of hunger or malnutrition.The farm is near Hanuman Bayam Sala,Chandannagar,Front of Anand App.As I don,t blong from pune and I stay as a tenant I am afraid to protest.So I request you to look into this matter.Please

  15. sumita sengupta says:

    Hello Mr. Manoj Oswal,
    Hopefully you are the right person to give me some direction. About 1.5 months back ihad kept my two dogs Snoopy and Goofy (both strays rescued by my daughter) a pet shelter on baner link road as I was going out of station for a week. I placed complete trust on the claims of the petstore and am regretting that immensely now. On returning when I called them up to check on my pets they informed me that Snoopy had run away. Shattered and clueless I called up my animal activist friend and neighbour. Two group people came down and spoke to the petshop cum shelter owner and took down details from him in writing. They then instructed us to go searching all around which we started doing. My daughter in the meanwhile posted on Facebook and made flyers for circulation. Initially the activists said this was a waste and we should be on the streets. For about 4days we barely slept for 2-3 hours and were on the streets searching for Snoopy. Then the activists started forwarding astrologers and tarot card readers contacts to meet them. Initially I was following every advise of theirs but later I realised it was becoming impractical to be on the streets searching for Snoopy and keep visiting all people simultaneously. Thats when I decided to meet my vet and seek guidance. This irked the activists so much that a tirade of hate sms’s were directed towards my family for not following their views solely. Degradatory remarks were made for the vet too. The vet had instructed us to approach Blue cross, Naidu hospital and PMC dog squad. I had requested the activists for help to take the pet shelter people to task. Since they had taken the written declaration from the owner. Instead of taking the petshelter owner to task the activists preferred damning us. I wonder now who is more callous the pet shelter owner or these animal activists. I am rational enough to understand not all activists are egoistic some are sensitive to the trauma owners of missing pets go through. But I am wondering whom to approach for justice and direction. We do want to take the pet shelter to task and search for Snoopy is still on. He is a family member and very precious to my family. Can you please guide me?
    With Regards
    Sumita Sengupta

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